Praise from Colleagues and Clients

Pat Verducci | Writer | Writing Coach | Teacher

Alyson Noël

#1 New York Times bestselling author
The Immortals, Riley Boom, and Soul Seekers series

I was lucky enough to work with Pat during a 28-day writing retreat in Bali. I’d already published 21 novels—several of which were #1 New York Times bestsellers—but had never worked with a writing coach and wasn’t sure what to expect. Pat managed to surprise me on every level. She has amazing insight, a true understanding of story structure, and the uncanny ability to narrow in on the weak spots and know just how to fix them. In addition to all that, she’s kind, funny, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I highly recommend her no matter where you are in your writing journey.

Ed Solomon

Now You See Me, Men in Black, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

I am usually wary of anyone claiming that they can teach writing – but Pat’s a true exception. Her notes are always incisive, smart, and very, very helpful. Plus, she’s an absolute joy to work with. I feel truly privileged whenever she has the time to give me feedback on something I’ve written.

Jim Herzfeld

Meet the Parents, Meet the Fockers

Pat is that rare teacher and mentor who fully understands the duality of skill and discipline needed to create great material, whether script or prose. Her years of experience as a professional writer and instructor are invaluable to both the neophyte and veteran screenwriter. Whenever I call upon Pat for advice, whether it’s a creative chat or her thoughts on a read, her insight and solutions are consistently valuable and inspirational.

Dana Stevens

Safe Haven, City of Angels, For Love of the Game, and creator of the CBS series, Reckless

Pat Verducci is a writer, producer and director who understands what it takes to tell a compelling movie story. She gives me concise and inspiring feedback to help refine and improve my screenplays. She not only knows how to spot what’s wrong, she has great, specific ideas on how to get it right.

Suzanne Curtis Campbell

MFA Screenwriting student

I tried many different screenwriting classes and workshops around L.A. before finding Pat. Her approach to writing training — perfectly clear, supportive, challenging, and practical — changed my writing life. I was amazed at the attention to detail and insight she offered when reviewing pages or assignments. Now I’ve been admitted to the best screenwriting program in the country, and I honestly believe training with Pat served as a key to that next step! Each time I sit down to write, I apply something she taught me.

Julie Ferriot

Memoir Writer

Pat is a genius! Before we met, I had been working on a memoir for several years, and struggled to give my story structure and pacing. After our first call, I hung up the phone with confidence that I had found the right mentor to help me get the writing to the place I wanted, and four weeks later I felt we had nailed it. Pat’s story-telling expertise helped me determine what to keep and what to delete. She encouraged me to dig deep. She asked difficult questions to help me get to the root of my story, all the while allowing me to stay true to my voice and my vision. Her encouragement and her ability to instantly “get it” helped make my process fun, inspiring and an experience I wish I could do all over again. I will return to Pat with any future projects with no hesitation.

Shane McCarthy

Black List screenwriter of
Coffee and Kareem

Let’s be honest, screenwriting coaches are bullshit. But to call Pat Verducci a screenwriting coach would also be bullshit. She is so much more than that. Not only is Pat a great teacher and collaborator, she is the support system every writer needs– free of judgment and incredibly smart. Working with Pat allowed me to overcome my blocks and discover a level of discipline I never knew I had. On second thought, do not work with Pat. She’s mine. Get your own coach.

Jeremy Christensen

MFA Screenwriting Student

I was working on a script and I got very lost in the woods with the story. I had very specific character motivation issues in my script and Pat went right to them, “But what does he WANT?!” In every instance she could pinpoint exactly where my problems were and helped to get my story right back on track. You can’t get this kind of insight from a book.

Linda Goldstein Knowlton

Whale Rider

Somewhere Between and The World According to Sesame Street

Pat possesses the most important gifts a filmmaker needs: clear-eyed insight into story structure and character development, PLUS the ability to communicate those insights and ideas in ways that the filmmaker can truly “hear.” I experienced this first-hand while directing a documentary. Pat was able to give me perspective and guide me through some structural issues that I couldn’t see because I was too close to the subjects. I won’t make a film again without her invaluable help!

Merlin Camozzi

MFA Directing Student

I’ve taken numerous screenwriting classes with Pat, and found her to be both a story-structure genius and an incredible teacher. Unlike some writing teachers I’ve had, every discussion with Pat leads to greater clarity of story and an instant desire to get writing again. Specifically, Pat was instrumental in my admittance to UCLA’s MFA program, as my admission was based in large part on a treatment that I wrote with Pat’s guidance.

Shakti Sutriasa


Working with Pat was an absolute game changer. Not only did she help me re-structure my story into a workable and dramatic outline but really supported me in honing my craft. With her guidance and insight, my writing leapt to a whole new level. It was like getting a master’s degree but better – because it was all about me- one on one. I cannot imagine writing another book without her and already made her promise that she’d be available for my next project!

Sue McCreadie, MD

Pat is an amazing story whisperer, asking just the right questions to pull your story out of you. What she helped me accomplish in 4 sessions, I could have spent four years trying to achieve and still failed. She’s a story arc genius. Hire her!

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