About Pat

Have you dreamed of writing a screenplay, novel, or memoir, but can’t make yourself sit down and start because you don’t know the “rules,” or think it will stink when you’re done?

Do you struggle with specific craft issues– structure, character, dialogue, or voice?

Do you try to cram in writing between other engagements—work, family, social life—and never really move forward on your projects?

Have you shelved a story you wanted to write because of fear?

About Pat Verducci

All of the above was me.

Especially the negative thoughts part.  Some of these thoughts not only lived in my head, they set up a freaking house party. Seriously, with champagne.  I tried everything to banish them. First, I worked harder than everyone else.  When that didn’t work, I tried working less hard than everyone else. My fear of failure was so intense that at one point, I held onto a script for two years because I felt sure I would be crushed when everyone hated it.

Guess what? When I finally sent it out, it sold.

I believe that stories can change the world. But that often we are stopped from telling them by the powerful thoughts in our heads.

My goal is to make you a better, happier writer. I will help strengthen and deepen your craft, give you tools to overcome resistance, and aid you to tap in more fully to the stories, characters and themes that matter to you.

Pat Verducci Bio

A Brief Bio

I’m a screenwriter, film director and story consultant. I’ve worked with Academy Award winning screenwriters, and also newbies who are working on their first book or screenplay. As a writer myself, I’ve penned scripts for Touchstone Pictures, Witt Thomas Productions, and Disney’s animation division. I wrote and directed a feature film for Trimark Pictures, and co-produced the award-winning documentary “Somewhere Between.” I teach screenwriting in the MFA programs at UCLA and the American Film Institute and serve as a mentor at the Meryl Streep/Nicole Kidman funded Writer’s Lab in New York. My favorite job was as a story consultant for Disney/Pixar, where I worked with writers and directors to brainstorm crazy capers for Tinkerbell.

About Pat Verducci

Most importantly, I’ve been you.

I’ve struggled with writing craft, vision, follow through and fear. Here’s how I work with writers like you.

  • I help you access your heart, so you can identify and pursue the emotional core of the story you’re trying to tell.

  • I help take your craft to the next level through instruction, specific feedback and writing exercises. We’ll talk about structure, character, dialogue and scenes. Whether you’re a beginner, or already produced/published, we’ll lean into your strengths and work on your challenge areas.

  • I help you recognize your own particular form of mental resistance and teach you how to neutralize it.  I’ll also give you the tools to create a daily writing practice and increase your productivity.

  • I help you eliminate the competition. Yes, it’s possible! And easy.

  • Most importantly, I’ll help you achieve your writing goals.
About Pat Verducci

Let’s Get Started!

If you have any questions or would like to share some thoughts or ideas with Pat, please send her a note.