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24 December 2014


 December 24, 2014
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Dear Santa—



Every year I ask you for something I need. Like a new purse, or a Patagonia nano puff jacket, or some yoga pants that aren’t covered with fuzzy black fabric balls.


You always bring me amazing presents.


But this year, I’m going to ask you for something different. What I really need from your giant bag of gifts is some writing magic. So this year could you please bring me…


  1. The commitment to get my writing done each morning from 8am until 10am. It helps to have a nudge. Just a tap on the shoulder from one of your white gloves will do.
  2. If you can, I’d love some words that flow, some nice scenes…
  3. A character that surprises me.
  4. Ideas– lots of them!
  5. The bravery to rip things apart when they’re not working.
  6. The strength to keep going, even when my pages suck.
  7. The wisdom to step away from my computer when I’m spiraling.
  8. Coffee.  Peet’s please.  Major Dickason’s Blend, if the elves have it.
  9. The ability to be free from my need to be perfect.
  10. But most of all Santa, and I know this is a tough one, (I’m sure the elves are overloaded with requests for this item), could you please bring me courage? The courage to believe that my writing is important. That it matters. That it is, in fact, my purpose.


I know that I have all these things within myself (including the coffee, right now), but just the image of you flying over my house and dropping them down my chimney helps.


I guess what I’m really asking for is to be able to receive my own gifts. The ones that nourish me, bring me joy, and make me feel alive.


Thanks Santa– and good luck tonight on your epic journey!


xo Pat

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