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22 December 2016
 December 22, 2016
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Dear Santa—


Every year I ask you for something I need. Like new black boots, or a black sweater, or some jeans (maybe in black?) Sometimes I ask for a book. Other years I’ve requested mixing bowls, and white blouses, and purple fuzzy bathrobes.


I’m lucky because you always bring me the things I want.


But this year, I’m going to ask you for something different. What I really need from your giant bag of gifts is some writing magic.


So this year could you please bring me…


A solid two hours of writing time. Every morning please. With coffee.

If you could swing it, I’d love three beautiful sentences. You know the ones. They come out perfectly somehow, without even trying.

Patience. So I believe that the pages where I am stuck, will come unstuck. And that the answers will appear.

A character who surprises me. Who takes a renegade left turn and leads me somewhere beautiful and terrifying and unexpected.

A few moments of genuine Flow. That place where I’m not even thinking. Just channeling words onto the page.

Wisdom. To step away from my computer when I start to spiral and doubt myself.

And finally Santa (I know this is a tough one and I’m sure the elves are overloaded with requests for this item,) could you please bring me courage? The courage to believe that my writing is important. That it matters. That it is, in fact, my purpose?


I know that I have all these things within myself (including the coffee, right now), but just the image of you flying over my house and dropping them down my chimney helps.


I guess what I’m really asking for is to be able to receive my own gifts. The ones that nourish me, bring me joy, and make me feel alive.


I promise I’ll leave you some cookies– hardly a fair trade, but I’ve heard you like sweets. 🙂


And don’t tell anyone else what I’ve asked for. I WANT THOSE THREE SENTENCES!


I’ll be good. I promise.


Yours forever,


xo Patti V.


Take Action! Write your letter to Santa. Ask him for what you need. Receive it.


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